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Decision made
Demolition of existing conservatory and replacement with single storey timber framed extension
St Cecilia West End Brightwell-Cum-Sotwell OX10 0RU
Grid Reference
Mr John Geddes
St Cecilia, West End
OX10 0RU
Wilde Spooner Raleigh
88 Easton Street
High Wycombe
HP11 1LT
Phone: 01494452452

Brightwell-cum-Sotw. Conservation Area
Case Officer
Neil Davies
Telephone: 01235 422600
Consultation / Notification
No further Representations on this application will be accepted.

Consultations / Notifications to date are shown below.

Name / Number
Date Sent
Response Date
Brightwell-cum-Sotwell Parish Council
c/o Ms L Dalby
The Village Hall
West End
OX10 0RY
30 06 2018
25 06 2018
County Archaeological Services (SODC)
30 06 2018
31 05 2018
Forestry Officer (South Oxfordshire District Council)
30 06 2018
15 06 2018
West End
OX10 0RU
17 05 2018
Fairlight House
West End
OX10 0RU
17 05 2018
Application Type
Other (Householder)
Application Progress
Date Received  
9th May 2018
Registration Date  
14th May 2018
Start Consultation Period  
17th May 2018
End Consultation Period  
13th June 2018
Target Decision Date  
9th July 2018
Planning Permission on 29th June 2018
Conditions / Refusal Reasons
The development to which this permission relates must be begun not later than the expiration of three years beginning with the date of this permission. Reason: By virtue of Sections 91 to 95 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

That the development hereby approved shall be carried out in accordance with the details shown on the following approved plans, 101.10.S.03, 101.10.S.04, 101.10.S.02.A, 101.10.S.01.A and LOC001, except as controlled or modified by conditions of this permission. Reason: To secure the proper planning of the area in accordance with Development Plan policies.

The exterior of the development hereby permitted shall only be constructed in the materials specified on the plans hereby approved or in materials which shall previously have been approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Reason: In the interests of the visual appearance of the development in accordance with Policy CSQ3 of the South Oxfordshire Core Strategy 2027 and Policies H13, G2 and D1 of the South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011.

Prior to the commencement of any site works or operations relating to the development hereby permitted, an arboricultural method statement to ensure the satisfactory protection of retained trees during the construction period shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Written approval must be obtained prior to commencement of any site works including demolition. The matters to be encompassed within the arboricultural method statement shall include the following: (i) A specification for the pruning of, or tree surgery to, trees to be retained in order to prevent accidental damage by construction activities; (ii) The specification of the location, materials and means of construction of temporary protective fencing and/or ground protection in the vicinity of trees to be retained, in accordance with the recommendations of the current edition of BS 5837 ''Trees in relation to construction'', and details of the timing and duration of its erection; (iii) The definition of areas for the storage or stockpiling of materials, temporary on-site parking, site offices and huts, mixing of cement or concrete, and fuel storage; (iv) The means of demolition any existing site structures, and of the re-instatement of the area currently occupied thereby; (v) The specification of the routing and mean of installation of drainage or any underground services in the vicinity of retained trees; Consideration will be made to avoid the sighting of utilities and service runs within the Root Protection Area (RPA) of all trees to be retained. Only where it can be demonstrated that there is no alternative location for the laying of utilities, will encroachment into the RPA be considered. Methodology for any installation works within the RPA will be provided and must be in compliance with NJUG Volume 4, 2007 'Guidelines for the planning and installation and maintenance of utility apparatus in proximity to trees'. (vi) The details and method of construction of any other structures such as boundary walls in the vicinity of retained trees and how these relate to existing ground levels; (vii) A specification of the foundation design demonstrating absolute minimal soil excavation, soil compaction or soil contamination within the root protection area of the adjacent trees; (viii)Provision for the supervision of ANY works within the root protection areas of trees to be retained, and for the monitoring of continuing compliance with the protective measures specified, by an appropriately qualified arboricultural consultant, to be appointed at the developer's expense and notified to the Local Planning Authority, prior to the commencement of development; and provision for the regular reporting of continued compliance or any departure there from to the Local Planning Authority. Reason: To safeguard trees which are visually important in accordance with Policies C9 and D1 of the South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011.

The applicant, or their agents or successors in title, shall be responsible for organising and implementing an archaeological watching brief, to be maintained during the period of construction/during any groundworks taking place on the site. The watching brief shall be carried out by a professional archaeological organisation in accordance with a Written Scheme of Investigation that has first been approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Reason - To safeguard the recording and inspection of matters of archaeological importance on the site in accordance with the NPPF (2012). 2)
No appeal lodged.
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