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P17/S1450/RMApplication Type: Reserved Matters (Show Map - opens in new window)
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Application under consideration
Decision made
Application for Approval of Reserved Matters: Playing Fields (Area W). (As per amended plans received 12 September 2018 and 9 November 2018)
Area W Southern Neighbourhood Great Western Park
Grid Reference
Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd
c/o agent
RPS Group plc
20 Western Avenue
Milton Park
OX14 4SH
Phone: 01235838218

Case Officer
Phil Moule
Telephone: 01235 422600
Consultation / Notification
No further Representations on this application will be accepted.

Consultations / Notifications to date are shown below.

Name / Number
Date Sent
Response Date
Didcot Town Council
c/o Kathy Fiander
Council Offices
Britwell Road
OX11 7JN
18 12 2018
13 12 2018
Didcot Garden Town Team
19 11 2018
Mary Lambe Designs
18 12 2018
30 05 2017
Leisure - South
18 12 2018
30 11 2018
Great Western Park Residents Association via email
18 12 2018
22 08 2017
Drainage Engineer (South Oxfordshire - MONSON)
01 06 2017
22 08 2017
Abigail Brown VOWH Arts Officer
19 11 2018
Countryside Officer(South Oxfordshire & Vale of White Horse)
19 11 2018
19 11 2018
Drainage - (South&Vale)
18 12 2018
05 12 2018
consulted by email
18 12 2018
28 11 2018
Application Type
Major (Reserved Matters)
Application Progress
Date Received  
18th April 2017
Registration Date  
26th April 2017
Start Consultation Period  
3rd May 2017
End Consultation Period  
3rd December 2018
Target Decision Date  
17th December 2018
Reserved Matters - Approval on 17th December 2018
Conditions / Refusal Reasons
The development hereby permitted shall begin no later than two years from the date of approval of the last of the reserved matters to be approved. Reason: By virtue of Section 91 to 95 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. Related application(s): P19/S0369/DIS

That the development hereby approved shall be carried out in accordance with the details shown on the following approved plans, Site location plan 2134-W-LA-02 Rev P2 Landscape Layout 2134-W-LA-01 Rev P8 Planting Plan 2134-W-PP-01 Rev P9 Street Furniture: 2134-W-MT-01 2134-W-MT-02 2134-W-MT-03 2134-W-MT-04 2134-W-MT-05 Rev P1 Tree Pit detail 2134-W-DT-01 Rev P1 Section Plans: 13192-AB01 C2 13192-AB02 C2 13192-AB03 C2 13192-AB04 C2 13192-AB05 C1 13192-AB06 C2 13192-AB07 C2 except as controlled or modified by conditions of this permission. Reason: To secure the proper planning of the area in accordance with Development Plan policies.

Prior to the commencement of the development hereby approved full details of the proposed fencing to enclose the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. Reason: In the interests of the visual appearance of the development in accordance with Policy CSQ3 of the South Oxfordshire Core Strategy 2027 and Policy G2 of the South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011.
No appeal lodged.
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